19 Things That Happen To You In The Last Year Of College By StoryPick

College – time to make mistakes, to experiment, to explore…to live. College has given us a lot besides just education. It has given us lessons, a sense of direction, a sense of self, and some really wonderful friends that we might go on with forever.
College is always fun, but when it’s time to leave, you tend to ruminate the memories & the time well spent.

Here are the most unforgettable moments of our last year in college.

1. You make and implement the list of things you have to do in the city before you leave

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Trips and night outs with your friends become more frequent.

2. You realise that there is no one older than you, and you’re the ultimate senior batch

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So, you start becoming warmer towards your juniors, giving them all sorts of survival tips for college.

3. You start counting all the ‘last’ moments of the year- the last class, the last lunch, the last exam, the last assignment…everything

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“The last word of the last assignment of college life. Done.”

4. You try studying harder to get your grades up for the last time

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And start preparing yourself for several interviews and the likes.

5. You start spending more time with your friends

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You try soaking in everything you can while the sun shines. You know it’ll soon be a memory.

6. You start warming up to the teachers you didn’t particularly like before

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And all the professors start giving you advice on your future endeavors. Makes you feel like a total grown up.

7. You are compelled to think about your future in the big bad world

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And you’re still as confused as you were when you first walked in.

8. Couples have to seriously start thinking about their future with their significant others

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Sometimes, there are tough decisions to make.

9. All the secret crushes get revealed in the last year of college

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Akhir ab nahi, toh kab?

10. You start collecting all the TV series and movies you can from your friends and classmates

You’ve got to take it before they leave. Afterall, TBs of priceless data.

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