Best Ideas for Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Everyone wants to make their house look the best on Christmas. To make this happen, you need to start planning and working earlier. Since it’s the outdoor decoration we are talking about; you might need to make some renovations to the external household looks like paintjob and some other touch ups. Even if you start now, you can get it done by 25th of December. Do everything required; the garland, wreaths and more and get your holiday charm spilling out in all directions. Here are few of our best ideas for outdoor Christmas decorations.

Winter Wonderland Porch

This decoration is mostly based on white with snows making path to the front door of your house. You could just put a sled on the balcony or open space you have in front of your house; and a tiny welcome sign hanging from a Christmas tree or just on your doorsteps. Add few skis to the scene in the front porch of your house to bring more Christmas-like feel to the setup.

Pretty Pinecone Wreath Arrangement

You would need some stuff off online stores or your local Christmas decoration stores. Get few old skis, they should be available for cheap. Tie them up in an X and hang them on the wall. Put a bow made of flowers and put it at the center of the X you have just created. This creates a wreath that goes absolutely with the Christmas mood. If you don’t want to put some flowers; just put a Cedar Pine Wreath on the X. It sells for around $47 on Amazon.

Patio Evergreens

Evergreen always suits every situation; just like the word evergreen itself. Let’s ditch the tinsel for now and put an evergreen mini Christmas tree outside on the walkway to your home, or on the porch. Make sure to decorate them with Christmas lights to make them glow at night. Since they are minis, you could just let them live in orchard baskets or galvanized tubs. To give it a classier look, put this setup on a table and below they table, there could be an old crate. You may find all the required stuff in your basement and the trees in your local nursery.

Antique Collectibles

To decorate the frontal portion of your house with few antique collectibles, all you need to do is pay a visit to the local flea market. Other necessary stuff includes cast cement and some skills to use these tools. You could just use a classic wreath for the decoration or make one by tucking berries and other greenery inside a trapper’s basket. If you want you can also put the X shaped skis like we mentioned earlier.

Five-Minute Topiary

Creating this tiny topiary would require only 5 minutes of your busy day. If you want to decorate your home with small stuff all around your house within a short time and lower budget, a custom made topiary would be the best option to pick. Put these topiaries on both sides of the porch towards your home and this would give the home a more rusty and woodsy feel. This decoration should go with most houses during winter.

Mason Jar Lights

You can do most decoration jobs using the Christmas lights. If you are bored of wrapping the lights around some Christmas tree; then you could just use this Mason Jar Lights technique. Put the lights inside the Mason Jar and find a way to litght them up without showing off the cable tangle if there is any. Put these jar lights on some sledges and skis – that would look even better!

Snowflake Shaped Wreath

Who said wreaths you use has to boring and made of some pine trees? Instead, you can just make them snowflake shaped and put glass balls on them. For better looks, you could even put some Christmas lights as well. This shine would usually require the surrounding to be very neat and clean; red bricks would suit best for such makeover to your house.

Lovely Lyrics

If you are tired of decorating with lights and wreaths, then try to make something different that would be very unique as a decorator. Take a big cardboard, paint it up like a Christmas shaped tree and just write your favorite Christmas song lyrics on the assigned space. Instead of songs, you could even write down your feelings and emotions as well; in case you plan a family gift in this format.

Joyful Sign

Do you have a slab of wood lying in your basement, useless? Or just an old piano cover that’s not in use any more these days. All we need is a rectangular surface to put some alphabets on them. You might just write ‘joy’ on the wooden slab. Put a hook in the middle of the slab for hanging the wreath or just simply use some nails.

Royall Red Entrance

Royal Red still has its appeal like since forever. Everything doesn’t necessarily have to be snow white or wine red; you could just use some blood red that looks so royal on your house doors, porches and walkways. Put some wreaths here as well; but make sure they have been prepared with sufficient time up ahead. Just don’t end up with a mess on Christmas day


Now you get the idea of what should be done for Christmas decorations, especially outdoors. The required materials we had used were all found on Amazon or eBay expect the fresh flowers – you kind of have to grab them right off the garden or some stores. May your endeavor on doing the outdoor Christmas decoration be successful?
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