5 Creative Christmas Party Ideas

Christmas is definitely favorite time of the year for many people. Some of them get a chance to see their cousins and friends only during holidays, which is why they want to use that time in the best possible way. Throwing a party can be a very challenging task, but don’t worry - we have some tips for you. Here are five creative Christmas party ideas, so check them out.

Christmas Carol Karaoke Night

Purchase a home karaoke set and invite your family and closest friends with an magical Christmas eCard to the greatest party ever. This is an amazing way to spend Christmas with your dearest ones. Compile a list of the most popular carols that will highlight the festive spirit of this magnificent holiday. Even though you are not a fan of carolers who knock on your door, this will definitely put you in the right mood. On the other hand, those who are brave enough can take it to the next level by choosing a little bit different genre. Awaken your inner Mariah Carey and sing your heart out during “All I Want for Christmas Is You", making this moment memorable to your guests.

Christmas Cocktail Party

Organize a Christmas cocktail potluck, where all your friends will bring their favorite holiday cocktails instead of food. After all, you are a host, so canap├ęs and sandwiches should definitely be only your concern. Eggnog, mulled wine, Christmas punch, candy cane martini, Cosmopolitan, Bloody Mary – possibilities are indeed limitless. Even delicious hot chocolate is allowed for those who prefer non-alcoholic drinks. You can also install a photo booth with printable props as a fun Christmas decoration, so that all your guests experience the ultimate partying adventure.

Holiday Movie Marathon

You will definitely agree that Christmas is not complete without watching iconic movies that represent this festive and slightly adventurous atmosphere in the best possible way. “Home Alone” is absolutely inevitable, and you will laugh uncontrollably while watching Kevin in his episodes with foolish thieves. Many other films, such as “A Christmas Story”, “Miracle on 34th Street” and “It’s a Wonderful Life”, are equally appropriate. However, if this movie marathon gets too boring, you can spice it up by organizing a drinking game. Just make sure that all the kids are put to bed, and take a shot whenever Santa Claus appears on the screen. We promise you that all your friends will be more than happy to take part in this activity.

Extravagant Boat Party

If you are up for something more glamorous, you will absolutely stand out if you throw a Christmas party on a boat. This is an unconventional setting that will certainly blow everyone’s mind, so you better make sure that everything is under control – starting with appropriate decoration and catering. Of course, regular boat detailing is a must if you want to keep your boat’s appearance and provide its proper functioning. Only when this is done, you can consider having a party on it. This water experience will definitely make unforgettable memories to your family and friends.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

If you don’t have a tacky, ugly sweater on your own, it’s high time you got one! On the other hand, if you do have this long-forgotten piece of bad taste which is buried deep down in your closet, you should better take it out and get ready for the contest. Your embarrassing reindeer-patterned sweater with a huge red pom-pom that represents reindeer’s nose will absolutely do the trick. Some people would say “Go big or go home!”, and this is totally applicable when it comes to this kind of party.

As you can see, there are many ideas that can help you in organizing your perfect Christmas party. No matter which one you choose, the most important thing is definitely being with people you love. After all, Christmas is all about spending quality time with your family and friends and creating new memories.

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