Sensational Christmas Tree Colour Combinations

Judging by the street decorations, the colourful shop windows that lure us to go shopping for presents, and Christmas trees on every corner, Christmas is almost here. This is a joyous time of the year for many reasons, and Christmas tree decoration is one of them. Although Christmas is all about tradition, the standard red, green and gold combination is slowly giving way to new ideas. Before pulling out your box with old ornaments, dare to try something different and original.

Include your entire family in the making and placing of ornaments. Children will particularly enjoy it, and they often have very unique ideas. Choose a Christmas colour scheme, or a specific theme that will wow your friends, and do all the details in your home in the same combination of colours. It will look amazing on New Year images. Let your creativity show itself by going for unconventional ornaments, such as natural elements, popcorn-filled ornaments, candies, old photos, CDs, postcards, artificial flowers, pompoms, dry leaves, etc.

Here are some suggestions of the colours you could combine.

Wintery tree

To imitate the season of the year, try various combinations of cool colours such as blue, silver, white and purple. Light turquoise or navy blue go well with icy silver and give a refreshing look. Add a few white accents, like fake snowflakes, or angels, to liven it up. By the way, navy is a great and neutral colour that combines well in many other combinations. Purple and white combo is for a more romantic feel of the room.

Transparent glass ornament will look perfect on this tree. They come in two varieties: empty ones and those that contain a figurine (or any other object) inside. Wrap some icicle lights around the tree and, voila, you have a real wintery Christmas. To add some warmth to the entire image, opt for warm lights.


Metallic colours are very popular for their minimalist look and as such they can easily be mixed in two or three-colour combinations. Also, a metallic-themed tree will make any room look sophisticated. Try combining gold, bronze and pink ornaments with clear lights and your tree will look like a star cluster.

Lime with anything

You did not expect this, right? Lime is not a common choice for Christmas tree decorations, but if you want a fun and contemporary twist, go for it. Light blue and lime, combined with funky details like feathers, is a bold combination reserved only for the more adventurous among us.

Pink explosion

Pink is an explosive colour. You will love it and your kids will adore it, especially girls. It combines well with gold to get a not-so-girly look. Looks great even on a white-washed artificial tree.

Stick to the tradition

If the traditional combination is more appealing to you, or you do not want to spend heaps of money on Christmas tree ornaments, add at least some character to the tree by introducing one new colour.  Lime complements the already present red and brings in a fresh feel. Add a touch of royalty to Christmas with dark purple and red combination. This way, the red ornaments will stand out. Purple looks especially good in rooms with a lot of wood furniture.


If you have children, the above combinations might not seem too playful and joyous to them. Instead, go multicolour. Mix two colour schemes into one and add unordinary ornaments, such as candies or fresh fruits, to it. Mixing blue, green and pink can easily be pulled off.

Whichever combination you go for, do not forget to add a complementary topper! Round it off with lights. Small basic lights go well with any combination, but you can play with other colours, shapes and forms.

Have you decided on the colour scheme for your Christmas tree yet?

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