5 Fashion Trends that We Will Love This Spring/Summer 2016

The world of fashion is everything but limited in any sense. There are so many trends that are rocking it nowadays, however, that doesn’t meant that they will be popular in just a few months. Most of the world’s famous designers have already presented their SS16 collections, and here is what they have for you. Check out the newest trends that will be rocking the fashion industry in spring. Enjoy!

1.       Orange is the New Black

Yes, you heard it well – orange is the new black! The new season brings it straight to your face, which is not bad at all – this colour, in variety of shades, will be present wherever you go. All you should do is choose your go-to hue and pick favourite pieces of clothing in it. Trust me, no matter if you will opt for just one item in this fabulous colour, or you decide to go for a full-orange look, will make no mistake! Many fashion bloggers have embraced this fashion trend and we can say it’s a total season’s must!

2.       Mi Querida EspaƱa

Many world’s most prominent designers and brands, such as Diane von Furstenberg, Proenza Schouler, Michael Kors and Peter Copping for Oscar de la Renta incorporated hints of magnificent Spanish culture into their collections. Flamenco ruffles, off-the-shoulder details, and a lot of bold red shades are the most faithful representatives of this fabulous trend for the next season. All the fashionistas will get their minds blown away by these stunning pieces with a Spanish twist.

3.       All Victorian Everything

All the elements that were characteristic of the Victorian era are making a huge comeback this spring. Women will enjoy the overly feminine look that was brought to them directly from the runway. Puffy sleeves, ruffles, high-collar necklines, and, of course, loads of flowers, are the leading elements of this fabulous trend.  Besides that, vintage look will be on fleek this spring, too – embroidery, embellishments, layers and retro shapes with modern features will be ruling the world of fashion once again.

4.       Body Piercing on Point

Piercings will be nudged into the mainstream in the following season, and many designers prove that this accessory will be the hottest trend in spring. The range of body piercings, whether discreet or over-the-top, will definitely be a massive hit among the fashionistas. This trend actually has its roots in the distant cultures of Asia and African tribes, where such a thing is a part of the folklore. However, numerous designers nowadays think out of the box and present it as an extravagant, modern accessory with a hint of tradition.

5.       Ethnic with a Twist

Folk garments in combination with futuristic chic are what Diane Von Furstenberg presented in her SS16 collection. It seems that she has rediscovered her first love, since ethnic motifs represent a significant part of her work. She was playing with different styles by combining an urban wardrobe with ethnic influence. This clearly resulted in perfectly structured pieces with a touch of nonchalance. Tunics with Berber motifs have a huge role in this collection, as well as silver jogging pants that match them perfectly. This will definitely be a prominent trend in the next season.

The world of fashion constantly changes, trying to bring some novelties and trends to all the fashionistas who can’t wait to keep up with these. If you are one of them – go for it! Set your mind free and enjoy the game.
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