How to Turn Your Home into a Stress-Reducing Place

Home is where you go to relax, unwind and finally be yourself after a hard day at work. Still, it is also a place where the bills arrive, where there are cleaning chores and possibly family arguments, so it can be difficult to achieve the much needed stress relief. How to turn your home into a simpler place where you shut the world down and recollect your energy? Well, did you know that home’s design can significantly affect your state of mind? You would be surprised how small changes such as de-cluttering and updating the lighting can turn your living space into a Zen-paradise. Here are some things you can do on your road to a stress-reducing home.


According to Psychology Today, mess actually does cause stress. In fact, it even causes your senses to work overtime, by bombarding them with excessive stimuli (tactile, visual, olfactory…). Clutter is your main obstacle to relaxing because it signals your brain that your work is not done. So, take a day to get rid of that menace. Throw away or give away whatever you are not using and find a place for what remains. Put the small things (such as old bills, photos, pencils, etc.) into nice patterned boxes and you will get a bonus decoration.

Start Clean

A good friend of the previous mention – a dirty house, has much to do with how you feel inside the space. Not only that, according to experts from Pristine Home, filth and clutter in the house can be settlement for multitude of allergens. So, when you are done with emptying your house of all the unnecessary items, you can also take the chance to thoroughly clean everything.

Let the Life In

We are, of course, referring to plant life. Many studies have shown that plants can actually reduce stress (by lowering the systolic blood pressure) and even increase productivity. Potted plants are particularly beneficial if your home lacks natural light. Furthermore, plants are a true breath of fresh air, being that they clear air and reduce the amount of toxins. Invest in a couple of low-maintenance plants, so you would not get stressed taking care of them. You can also fill your space up with some nature-inspired d├ęcor, to create a relaxing combo.

Light Things Up

Lighting is very important for creating a relaxing ambient. The most pleasant option is getting a lot of natural light. The next best alternatives are task lamps – table lamps, floor lamps and desk lamps. Warmer lights (halogen bulbs) tend to be more stress –reducing, but they are not very kind to our planet. Instead, you can opt for fluorescent and get some shade that dulls or tempers the brightness. Just avoid too bright overhead lights.

Soothing Colors

The psychological effects of colors are undeniable. There are specific colors and shades which create different reactions. You should choose some soothing hues and paint the walls of your home with it, or use them as decorative elements through furniture, covers, curtains, rugs, etc. Boost your mood and relax with calming shades of blue, violet, pink or green. Grey can also provide a very cooling and soothing presence, though people mostly think that it is the color of depression and boredom. 

Home is where your cool is, so do your best to make it a place where you want to spend time and escape the hastiness of the world. Because sometimes inner peace comes from the outside, arranging your living space in a way that can bring you that peace is a wise thing to do. All of the actions we have mentioned are quite simple to do, but they can make a huge difference.

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