Beautiful Paradise Destinations You Need to Discover

Before you book a flight and accommodation for your next holiday, have a close look into the top world destinations which you definitely have to discover. Indulge in luxurious places and unwind at picturesque sights.

Mesmerizing St Lucia island

If you are looking for a sunny holiday in the Caribbean, go for St Lucia. Reefs, rainforests, intimate fishing villages, waterfalls and mountain attractions are just some of the things you can see in this beautiful area. If adrenaline is what you like, check in for the Pitons, volcano peaks hiking tours. You will get to see a magnificent view stretching from all over St Lucia. Also, this island offers tourists to visit a national park where you could explore the extraordinary wildlife. Tired of activities? Grab a glass of a refreshing drink at Morne Coubaril Estate. This estate is famous for its plantation of cocoa, manioc and coconuts which you can drink. There is even luxurious Creole food available if you feel like tasting it after visiting the plantation.

Atlantis, the underwater hotel in Dubai

Tired of the same old classic hotels? Feeling you are up to something more exotic? You definitely have to consider booking a holiday at the underwater hotel in Dubai. This luxurious hotel offers you to experience living in the Gulf waters for a couple of days. While the Gulf fish swim around you in large aquarium your hotel suite is surrounded by, you will definitely feel like the king of the seas. Ocean-themed features will help you get rid of all the stress you have been exposed to. The king-size beds and royal treatment you will get will make you come back for more.

Adventure in Tanzania

The wonderful country situated in Africa is home to some of the most beautiful sights in the world. Mt Kilimanjaro with its highest peak in the whole Africa is the place you need to check out. However, this beautiful country has more national parks to offer – Serengeti National Park is just the place you need if you feel like seeing animals such as lions, leopards, zebras, cheetahs and hyenas. Lake Victoria is what you do not want to miss if you decide to visit Tanzania. This country is ideal for going on a safari and if you are thinking about embarking on one, you should definitely think about renting cars. That will make the whole experience more comfortable and you will get to see more of the sights in short amount of time. Another incredible place you shouldn’t miss out on is the magical island of Zanzibar. The scenery of this paradise destination will leave you breathless. You are bound to enjoy yourself!

Chateau La Chevre D’or, Eze, France

Food and wine connoisseurs will need to consider visiting Eze in France which is renowned for their luxurious dishes and drinks. Dining at the bar terrace is a thing you do not want to miss if you are looking for a pleasant atmosphere and comfortable luxurious furniture. If you opt for visiting this gem of French culture and heritage, you will even get the access to tennis club and wellness centre overlooking the sea.

Surfers paradise, Queensland, AU

Hey there surfers! To have a blast of a holiday and still enjoy your favourite activity, get a map of Australia and pinpoint Queensland’s Surfers Paradise as your next destination. This is a place where everyone is bursting with positive energy in the paradise of sports activities, vibrant nightlife and international events. Moreover, it is ideal for surfers, as you can even get the accommodation overlooking the ocean. You are about to have the best surfing experience ever!

Do not let your choice of holiday destinations be limited to the common ones! Do something out of ordinary, book a luxurious accommodation holiday at the place you have always wanted to see. Whether you like the sea wildlife floating around you, surfing freely at the entire city designed just for it, or you would like to be the king or queen of winter mountain peaks, it is up to you. Choose what sets chills down your spine and indulge in the most luxurious holiday you have ever had. 

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