10 Best Destinations For Motorcycle Road Trips

Every biker knows exactly why he is riding: it is the feeling of freedom, closest to flying and enjoying the road. Not only do you get to enjoy the landscape, but you also get to visit new places and feel different vibes. Listed below is a list of 10 best destinations each biker rider should experience. 

Yorkshire Dales, England

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If you are more of a country type and prefer narrow roads by the river rather than an open highway, then Yorkshire is the place for you. It combines one of a kind landscape with traditional old-England style, creating an atmosphere of which most people only dream of.

Pacific Coast Highway, USA 

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Not a single top 10 article could be written without mentioning California’s famous Highway, stretching alongside Pacific. It is the thing you see only in the movies, and wish you can experience it as a bike rider. It is definitely something worth checking out if possible.

Istanbul to Anatolia, Turkey

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Many bike riders travel all over the world to try and take this 3,000 kilometer route; not only is it famous for old Roman and Byzantine troglodyte house, but the view at the Black Sea and the cover of Taurus mountains create a perfect harmony and one of the most beautiful views.

Great Ocean Road, Australia

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Australia finest offering comes in the shape of 300 kilometers of beautiful shoreline. On the way to it, stop by to your local moto shop and buy new motorcycle gear, for this ride could take a while; thousands of kilometers of open road and just you and your thoughts accompanied by the sound of your engine. Riding by the ocean and enjoying the mix of natural colors folding into one perfect picture is a thing every person should feel in his time. 

Route 66, USA

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If there is a road that has to be ridden by every bike rider, than it is definitely Route 66. It has 5,630 kilometers, the undisputed champion of all routes, Route 66 takes you on a time travel. It is considered to be among the most beautiful rides in the world.

Cape Town Circuit, South Africa

Photo by wheelstreet.in

1,000 miles of amazing scenery and perfect climate – South Africa is the place where you can have the best two-week getaway. The roads are fantastic and there are plenty of spaces to use your camera skills to create eternal memories. The experience itself is worth every dollar, and the ride deserves to be in top 10.

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Photo by walksofitaly.com

Sorrentine Peninsula has a lot to offer, especially this beautiful route which envelopes by the coast and takes you through Roman heritage and history. The landscape is divine, with the view of Sicily in the distance. If you keep driving, you will end up in Rome. 

Paseo de los Caracoles, South America

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Also known as Paso Internacional Los Libertadores, this 5,000 mile route stretches across Chile and Argentina and covers all important landscapes of both countries. In addition to that, you will witness South America’s natural historical heritage and a combination of a gentle road with rough mountain scenery.

Guoliang Tunnel Road, China

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Nothing spells China like Guoliang, and the best way to experience it is to drive through ¾-mile long roadway, created using only hand tools. It took 13 men to finish it, and the road offers 30 tunnel windows, each showing a different perspective of the region.

Road 63, Norway


Photo by designsmaz.com

Finally, one of the most popular motto-tourism destinations in the Northern Europe is Norway’s County Road 63. The road itself has 9% gradient and 11 hairpin bends, and it is extremely challenging even for the most experienced drivers. Also, it is located in a mountain canyon, and you are constantly surrounded by the untamed nature and its glory.
I`m sure that there are plenty of other routes which could have been included in this article; however, these are the iconic 10 destinations that most people and bike riders have rates as “must do”. Each of them is different and unique in its own special way, and it will give the rider something worth remembering.
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