8 Times Kim Kardashian Shocked the World

So, we all know that the Kardashian family built a name for themselves by the amount of drama surrounding them, and they are no strangers to shocks – yes, we are referring to a transgender father, love and sex scandals, cosmetic surgery, and so on. Now that you realize that there is not a single dull moment when it comes to them, let us move on to the media’s favorite Kardashian – Kim. If you were not keeping up, perhaps you missed to see some of the times she left us open-mouthed. Here are our favorite 8 times, but do not think you have seen the last of it.

When She Posted a Nude Selfie


In March 2016, Kim Kardashian’s followers and later the entire internet could see the censored nude photo she had posted on her social media account with the caption “When you’re like I have nothing to wear LOL”. The internet has gone wild in discussions between the supporters and the adversaries, but you know what? Kim did not care.

When She Posted a Selfie with Amber Rose

The whole world gasped at the sight of the former Twitter opponents Amber Rose and Kim K, when both of them posted a selfie with each other. Seems like the ladies have a forgiving side.

When She Was Married for Entire 72 Days

We know that celebrity marriages usually do not last for very long, but really Kim? The extravagant wedding of the reality star and the NBA player Kris Humphries, that took place in August 2001 is said to have cost $10 million, and it was a true fairytale (if you take away the ‘happily ever after’ part). Just 72 days later you could see the couple filing for divorce in California.

When She Showed Up on Screen with a Bloody Face

 In an episode of “Kourtney and Kim Take Miami” Kim really spilled out her beauty routine – or spilled out some blood, if you prefer it that way. She showed us what we now know as a ‘vampire facial’ – a rejuvenating procedure involving the extraction of the patient’s blood and injecting it into its face.

When She Appeared in a Domestic Violence Campaign

An Italian artist Alexsandro Palombo made a domestic violence campaign in which he used Kim’s face, among others, to create disturbing images of a woman covered in bruises. At the first glance the interned world was shocked, and for a while the image gained the label of the real deal.

When She Balanced a Champagne Glass on her Butt

 Once again Kim K almost broke the internet with an image of herself balancing a champagne glass on her behind. So, we all knew how proud she is of the size and shape of her but, but this is one special talent.

When Her Waters Broke as the Film Was Rolling

We all know that the Kardashians live in front of the camera, so it should not surprise us that Kim’s waters broke during the filming of the “KUWTK” and that she was surprisingly calm and relaxed, giving the situation.

When She Revealed Her Inner Erotic Photographer

Kim Kardashian maybe stumbled upon a new a career after her reality show days are over, and that is erotic photographer. The reality star posted a series of sexy-as-hell, a bit weird and inappropriate black and white photos featuring her and her hubby, David Beckham, Melanie B, and others. So, is it her artsy side or too many glasses of champagne?
With all of these shocks, we cannot help but wonder: What is next?


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