5 Tips for Staying Safe While Nighttime Running

You have probably heard that exercising in the morning is best for you, but nighttime runs have their own perks, too.
First of them is of course that you do not have to be an early bird. Others are that you do not have to fight the crowds (since there are many more runners in the morning), you can enjoy the run without worrying that it is about to get too hot, you can let go your daily frustrations, and you can sleep better.
One study even suggests that strength and muscular function peak in the evening hours, so you can run faster and longer. What people usually see as a flaw is the fact that, due to the lack of light, night runs can be dangerous. Still, there are actions you can take in order to be safe during the nighttime running.

Run with a Friend

Not only will your running buddy inspire you to be persistent and to run regularly, but he/she will also make you safer. How you might ask (unless your friend is by any chance a bodyguard)? Well, nighttime runs can be unsafe because of the potential attackers lurking around the corner, because it is less likely for the attacker to come after two persons running together. Having a friend by your side means instantly available help if you get injured and an extra phone with a battery.

Go against Traffic

This one is a no-brainer, but you would be surprised just how often people do the opposite. Running on the left side of the road (or right if you are living in UK or India) will enable you to see the incoming traffic and the persons behind the steering wheel will be able to see you in time to prevent a potential accident.

Make Yourself Visible

Sometimes, not even the running against traffic is enough to prevent some misfortunate event caused by the lack of light. The usual tip would be to wear very bright clothes but you can additionally increase your chances of being safe by acquiring highly visible reflective gear. Wearing such equipment will make you stand out as you run, so the drivers will see you from a safe distance. It would be helpful to carry a flashlight or some form of light you can wear, so you could lit the road, spot the drivers and be even more visible.

Make Yourself Identifiable

The possibility of getting hurt is a thing all runners are aware of. It does not even have to be some extreme danger, like getting hit by a car or attacked – you can simply sprain your ankle by tripping over some branch or something else you cannot see. In that case you (or someone else on the scene) will need to call an ambulance. The process of checking in is far easier if you carry an ID. In order to avoid losing your license or ID, invest in a pendant ID or a wrist band.

Change Your Routine

 The intention here is not to freak you out, just to get all the precautionary measures at one place to make sure your nighttime runs are as safe as they can be. The truth is that, in rare (but possible) cases, the potential attackers can follow you if you run at the same route in the same time of the evening. In order to be sure no one is following you, try to change your routine very often, and your routes too. Always choose well-lit streets and areas.

As you see, running at night has its own risks, but in most of the cases, they can be minimized by taking some recommended steps. Follow this guide and you will be safe, sound and energetic in the evening. 
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