Best Summer Party Ideas

There is no better way to beat the heat than a summer party. From the décor to food and drinks down to activities and games, here is an ultimate list of ideas, which can help you create some of the best summer memories with family and friends.

Every Party Has a Theme

When planning an outdoor summer party, the first thing you should do is choose a party theme. Consider a bohemian forest-inspired theme. The relaxing and casual atmosphere of boho-style parties might be the main reason why they are trending this year. This type of the outdoor soirée can be organized with the things you already have, making it perfect for both the cool summer nights and hot summer days.
Instead of a regular table, find old wooden pallets you can stack one next to the other. You do not need to spend money on new stuff, just gather some pillows with tribal and flower patterns, interesting rugs and throws as well as funky tablecloths. For a vintage feel, repurpose your old dresser and voila – you now have a self-service bar.

Flowers are a must-have at a boho party, so find glass bottles, place flowers in them and then hang them on the branches in your garden. For the plastic flatware and napkins, use paper bags you can decorate with the colourful ribbon. Glitter-dipped cups can make any party sparkly. Apply the masking tape to the bottom of the mug and then apply a decoupage medium where you want to have the glitter. Pour the glitter over the cups and let it dry.
For a day-time backyard gathering, shade sails are an excellent choice, especially if you are having a party during the time of the day when the sun rays are the strongest. Use a translucent fabric to make a canopy over the shade sails. On the other hand, string lights on trees as well as paper lanterns will add a romantic detail to a night outdoor gathering.

Super Easy Party Recipes

Dips are a crowd-pleasing party snack. They are made easily and they allow you to experiment with various ingredients. A ricotta dip, a spinach and parmesan dip, hummus, guacamole, a broccoli dip and a caramelized onion dip are some of the examples of the winning recipes that will score big on your party.
Fresh and light salads are a great option for get-togethers, too. Consider a salad Niçoise, containing tuna and eggs, veggies, including lettuce and potatoes and low-fat mayonnaise as a dressing on top. A sweet potato salad with honey is a classic recipe your guests will simply adore. Do not forget about a 10-minute Mediterranean-style salad. All you will need for this one are four ingredients – courgettes, rocket leaves feta cheese and mint.

Everybody loves popsicles, so make a healthy twist on this food favourite. Simply cut the watermelon in triangles, place wooden popsicle sticks into the triangle pieces and freeze them during the night. When it comes to drinks, instead of the traditional ice, choose frozen berries for an extra flavour. Flag the straws with a small piece of washi tape so that the guests can keep track of their drinks. 

Amusement Activities

Warm summer nights are ideal for a variety of amusement activities. For instance, you can never go wrong with a cinema soiree. Set up your own theatre by renting a screen, or by projecting the film on a white cloth (or white wall). Send your invitee a list of 10-12 films and let them vote for the one they would like to see. This is an excellent way to make your guests involved in party planning.

For a more active pastime, you can consider night volleyball. Use the same light strings you would have put on the trees and place them on the volleyball net. Those with an artistic flair will love playing around with the glow-in-the-dark body and face paint. Finally, lawn games (such as lawn twister and various board games) will definitely take entertainment to a next level.

The best thing about these tips and tricks is that they are easily applicable. They do not take a lot of time, yet they will guarantee you that your party will be remembered. 
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