10 Ways to Impress a Girl on a First Date

As you probably already know, the world of dating can be very frustrating, no matter how hard you try. There are so many things you simply need to take into consideration, which makes it even worse. However, it’s not completely hopeless. Stay with us and read our ten useful tips on how to impress a girl on a first date. Enjoy!

Open doors for her

The first step towards winning her over is being a gentleman – which includes opening doors for her. Not many men do that any more, which is exactly why you should – your date will notice, trust us! Start with the cab door, and continue with the restaurant or bar door – she’ll love that!

Take her coat (or give her yours)

Show your manners and take her coat as soon as you walk into the restaurant. This nice little gesture will make a huge difference, because she’ll know that you mean business! The same goes for giving her your coat when it starts raining or if she’s cold.

Leave your phone alone

There is nothing ruder than checking your e-mail while on a date. You should never do this while a girl next to you is talking because that’s highly offensive and it will probably make her think that she’s not important to you. Put away your phone and respect the person across the table!

Don’t be negative

Even though it’s highly likely that you’ll disagree with something she says, you shouldn’t say it out loud. This is particularly true when it comes to her political views. Trump or Clinton? Who cares, you’re not at a presidential debate! It’s completely fine not to agree with someone’s opinion, but fighting over irrelevant stuff will probably kill the buzz.

Avoid giving direct answers

Giving direct answers, particularly negative ones, can really kill the conversation. So, instead of giving simple and short answers, you may want to elaborate in a few more details – that’ll help her realise that you love talking and sharing your personal information with her.

Show her that you know celebrities

The majority of girls simply adore celebrities – that pretty much runs in their blood. If you can’t name all the Kardashians or Victoria & David Beckham’s kids – you’re doomed. Even though girls love discussing these topics with their girlfriends, your date may want to test your knowledge about her favourite celebs, so prepare yourself!

Make an effort with your appearance

One more important aspect of your overall appearance is certainly your outfit – no matter what people say, what you wear does matter! Girls like preppy style, so make sure that you’re dressed in accordance with it – modern designs complemented with classic accessories like Thread Etiquette has, luxury watches and bracelets are exactly what you need!

Compliment her

Complimenting your date is probably one of the best ways to make her realise you’re into her – just don’t overdo it. A simple ‘you look great’ the first time you see her will do wonders. However, don’t rely on compliments after the first hour, since that may look planned and insincere.

Pay the bill

Even though paying the bill is no longer obligatory for men on a first date, it is definitely a nice gesture – especially if you’re the one who initiated it. It’s a great way to show your good manners – even if she insists on paying at least a half of it. In that case, you can always say that she can pay the next time (hinting that you want the second date)!

Be a gentleman no matter what!

No matter how your date ends, you should stay a gentleman no matter what! Even if it was a complete disaster, you should stay polite and offer to walk her home. On the other hand, if it was really great, you should never try to sleep with her. Walking her home is a must, but not more than that. That’s what a true gentleman would do!

As you can see, there are so many things you can do to impress a girl on a first date. Of course, the most important thing is that you stay true to yourself, not pretending to be someone you’re not. After all, she should like you for what you are, right?

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