Most Amazing Coffee Bars That Every Millennial Would Like to Visi

Natural landmarks and sights are important when travelling but where you’re going to eat and take a sip of a really good coffee is almost equally important, especially for the millennials. This generation loves eating out so it’s understandable that good coffee bars around the world are on your to-do list. Here are some of the most amazing ones.

Truth Café, Cape Town, South Africa

Truth be told (pun intended), millennials love a good cup of coffee and that’s exactly what Truth café offers. This steampunk roastery sells coffee that has been hand-roasted in a vintage cast iron drum providing it with authentic flavour. The décor is another plus – with its vintage typewriters, old sewing machines and candlestick telephones, Truth café is very aesthetically pleasing while metal piping lines and old machinery furniture bring an authentic and forever trending steampunk vibe.

Blue Frog Lounge, Mumbai, India

It’s like paradise for tech savvies and music lovers – Blue Frog Lounge is an acoustic lounge and studio carefully designed to create the most amazing indoor live music stage. It looks quite futuristic with its different size cylindrical booths where the seating is placed but it’s actually a clever way to provide every guest with a good view of the stage and privacy, regardless of how crowded the place gets. The textured walls are there to absorb the sound making the place perfectly acoustic and resembling the animal after which the lounge got its name.

Rocambolesc Café, Girona, Spain

Tim Burton’s and Roald Dahl’s fans shouldn’t miss this place when in Girona since its owners used the aesthetic of the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to design possibly the sweetest creamery in the world. They even got the traditional dessert trolley incorporated into the design and their ice cream is made of the finest natural products. Let alone the ice cream, everything in this café and creamery looks edible – from mint walls to red and white striped pipes resembling a peppermint candy.

Blackbird Café, Sydney, Australia

Located in a stunning Darling Harbour area, Blackbird café is among the best places for millennials. It has a fabulous position on the balcony level of Cockle Bay Wharf meaning it has a mesmerising waterside view. It offers a Modern Australian menu for all tastes and if you’re a cocktail or wine lover, Blackbird cafe in Sydney is a place for you. Besides, Sydney’s culture is both laid-back and party-oriented making it a quite desirable destination for young travellers from all over the world.

Electric Bar, Paris, France

As the designer of the place, Mathieu Lehanneur said: this is where the Alice in Wonderland would chill out if she came to Paris. Electric bar is a penthouse bar and a nightclub meaning this is the place where you can spend all day and all night. The most amazing detail is a huge fibreglass tree with lighting projectors on its artificial branches. The dance floor has a stunning view of the city skyline and, yes – you can look at the Eiffel Tower while dancing. The interior is customizable to anyone’s taste – video projections and many different layouts make this possible.

Logomo café, Turku, Finland

When you see the photos of this place you instantly know where it is – it has an unmistakable vibe of the Scandinavian minimalist design. German artist Tobias Rehberger turned Logomo café into a huge art installation, all in black and white with a single orange line leading to a single orange chandelier. It represents a common conflict of the Scandinavian interior design – the one between functionality and aesthetics. Besides being the piece of art, Logomo café is a host to many art exhibitions while all the food they sell is organic and locally produced.
Regardless of the city you’re headed to, you’ll certainly need a place to eat and recharge the batteries with caffeine. Whether it’s because of the fresh food, good coffee, tech innovations, or simply pure aesthetics – those cafes really make a perfect place for young people to hang out so make sure to pay them a visit.

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