How to Prep Your Skin for Spring

Spring is knocking on our doors and the winter skincare needs to be upgraded. There is no need to moisturize very often anymore, but there are other things you need to start doing. In order to completely be ready for the new season and prep your skin for it, you should devote your time to the next skin treatments.
Thorough Exfoliation

With warmer weather approaching, our skin becomes oilier and new breakouts might freak you out. That is why it is essential to keep exfoliating. Frequent exfoliation will help you remove dry skin that starts shedding in spring (which can clog up your pores) and make your skin look glow-y. It is strongly recommended to exfoliate at least two times a week or even opt for medical treatments, such as chemical peel. Nevertheless, any skincare product with tiny granules can help you remove dry skin and keep your face ready for the warm weather.
Take Care of Your Lips

Just like your skin, your lips too are affected by the cold winter air. Now that spring is here, you need to help your lips recover and preserve their moisture. Use granulated sugar to exfoliate your lips several times a week and apply a layer of petroleum jelly in order to keep your lips smooth. Also, don’t hesitate to use plenty of lip balm every day in order to keep your limps moisturized and prevent chapping.
Oil-Free Moisturizers and Foundations

Heavier products for your beauty treatments are necessary during the colder months, but as the spring comes, you have to use slightly lighter products. Leave the oil-based products for next winter, and rely on oil-free ones for the spring and summer. Too oily products will only clog up your pores even more, which will lead to annoying breakouts. On the other hand, oil-free moisturizers, such as Ultraceuticals moisturizer creams, keep your skin fresh. You can also find an oil-free foundation for your daily makeup that will keep your skin smooth and without any unwanted oils.
Wear Sunscreen

Since there is no cold weather, there is no need to repair your skin; rather, warmer weather is time when preventing any unwanted problems with your skin is essential. Even though the sun is not shining that strongly, you should wear sunscreen as soon as the spring starts. Stock up on new sunscreen bottles and make sure they have SPF above 30. Apply a fresh coat of sunscreen each morning before leaving your home and reapply it every two hours or so. It is important to keep your skin fresh and protected so it can be ready for the summer season.
Change Your Diet

Besides upgrading your skincare routine, you need to change a few things in your diet. In order to keep your skin fresh and prevent any breakouts, you will have to incorporate plenty of antioxidants into your diet. Your daily meals should include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables packed with vitamin C and antioxidants which will help fight off free radicals and their effects on the skin. Also, you can even switch to a Mediterranean diet, which is mostly based on plants and fish which help prevent skin cancer.

The effects of weather changes are mostly visible on our skin. It takes all the damage during winter while warmer weather makes us sweat and fills our skin with blemishes. In order to always be prepared you should keep your skincare products handy. Switch to oil-free products and refresh your skin with exfoliation, and you will be ready for the warmer weather with a healthy glow on your face.

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