Lipstick Colors You’ll See Everywhere in 2017

Lipstick is a piece of makeup women swear by and most of them have a favorite one they don’t go anywhere without. If you’re ready to switch up your game and try something new this year here is where you can start. From red and coral, to bolder purple and glitter-clad lips, here is a list of lipstick colors and styles you shouldn’t miss in 2017.
Dark Shades

Dark lips were trendy in Fall/Winter 2016-2017, and they will continue to be popular throughout the year. They can be seen on every runway and it seems like designers can’t get enough of them. To rock these dark shades successfully keep the rest of your makeup to a minimum. There are literally thousands of dark shades you can choose from and you’re bound to fall in love with at least one of them.
Candy Apple
Candy Apple looks and sounds delicious, and fashion world seems to agree. It will give your face a splash of colour and make you look bold and sexy. Try applying a thin coat for a lip stain or be a little bit more generous for a bold and fierce look. It looks especially good on pale and softly tanned skin.

There is no color more suited for summer than coral! This shade between orange and pink will be a perfect addition to your summer outfit and add a nice splash of colour to your face. It’s perfect for summer because it looks amazing on tanned skin, but those with pale skin can pull it off as well. You can wear it to the beach, mall, or club during those warm summer nights. Pick a bold shade for the night look and a lighter one to complement your day-outfit.

Brace your face for matte! These “shineless” lipsticks took over the makeup world and are here to stay. Matte lipstick looks contemporary and chic and can last an entire day. Try looking for so called conditioning lipsticks to avoid your matte lips looking chalky and dry. If you prep your lips before applying matte lipstick they will always look flawless.

Until last year, red lips ruled the statement lip world, but now, make way for the new queen - purple! This unexpected and untraditional lip colour will not only make you look chic and bold, but you’ll definitely look like a real fashion trendsetter. This color used to be reserved only for the bold and edgy, but now there are so many shades in different intensities that anyone can find the one that suits their look best. Try subtle lavender or opt for a bolder plum.
Glitter Lips

This is something new in the fashion world and it took it by storm. This trend was started by Pat McGrath and her Lust 004 line and now it’s everywhere. You can try this look by patting on glitter to your lips or opt of a lipstick that’s glitter-infused for a more subtle look. You can choose from slightly metallic-looking lips all the way to a full-on shimmer for a party look! With glitter lips you will definitely make many heads turn, so it’s important to have perfect teeth. Give invisible braces a shot and you’ll rock perfect teeth that will definitely draw some attention.
Nude lips

If you want to focus on the eyes, nude or neutral lipstick is the way to go. This look will probably be trendy forever, so you don’t have to think whether it’s ok to wear it. The secret to perfect nude lips is in getting the shade that perfectly fits your tan, and from there you can use gloss or a liner to adjust the colours.
So, upgrade your makeup box with some trendy lipsticks and make this year your year!

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