DIY Furniture – How to Create a Unique Piece

DIY furniture has been growing in popularity in the last couple of years. Every day, we see more men and women trying to create unique pieces of furniture using only their own tools and skills. Don’t get us wrong, DIY projects require a lot of experience and creativity to complete properly, but even if you lack a little bit of these two things, you can always get a helping hand from a guide.
And that is exactly why we are here. For all of you who are just getting into this wonderful hobby or activity, depends on how you look at it, we have created an easy-to-understand guide on how to make unique pieces of all types of furniture. We will try to include everything from tables to shelves, so let’s not waste any more time and jump into our guide immediately.
Pallet coffee table

First, let’s show you how to build a great and easy-to-build coffee table. Every living room needs one and why should you waste money on getting a branded one when these things require little to no effort to create. All you need are a couple of pallets and a dozen screws.
This simple design is great for DIY beginners. You just need to screw two pallets on top of each other and you are done. Sure, you can add details to the design if you wish to, but even by just screwing together the pallets you will get a perfectly functioning coffee table. If you want to enhance the design here are a couple of ideas.
First, you can add wheels to the bottom of the table, so you can move it across the room easily. The second suggestion is to paint it. We like the natural wood look, but you can always paint it in any colour you wish, just make sure that you do that before screwing the pallets together. The third and final suggestion is to add a glass top on the table. This way you will get an easy-to-clean surface, just be careful not to break it.
Coat rack

Every hallway needs a coat rack and DIY coat racks are particularly beautiful. The best material for this project are pallets and you will need only one. Besides this, you will need a couple of hand tools like saws, hammers, screwdrivers and, of course, a tape measure because you don’t want to create a coat rack that is too big for your hallway.
The process is easy as it gets. Simply take measures of your hallway, cut down the pallet to the right size, and mount it on the wall. Make sure that it is firmly mounted, so it can withstand the weight of your coats and jackets. Additionally, you can use simple nails to hang your stuff onto or you can get creative and design the hangers yourself. It all depends on what look you are trying to achieve.
Display shelves

Another cool idea for your DIY project comes in the form of display shelves. These shelves are not made of pallets, even though you can use them too, but instead, they are made from reclaimed wood. You don’t need much of anything to complete this project, just a couple of pieces of wood, but it depends on how many shelves you plan to make. Simply nail the pieces together and mount them on your wall. You can put all sorts of items on them, including picture frames, vases, records, etc.
Outdoor pallet lounge area

Lastly, we would like to show you how to create an outdoor lounge area. This project might seem big and hard for a lot of people, but trust us it is not any more complicated than the rest on our list. First, you will need a coffee table for your lounge area and we have already shown you how to create one, so there is no need to repeat ourselves.
The second and the most important thing is a couch. To make one from scratch, you will need a little bit more pallets. Try to decide on the size of the couch before you start this project that will help you determine how many pallets you will be using. After that, the process is pretty straightforward. Screw all the pallets in an orderly fashion, there are a lot of schematics on the internet that you can use as a reference point and once that is finished, put on some pillows and cushions so you don’t sit on a hard wood.
And that is all. We hope that we covered enough interesting DIY projects for you to complete. Also, feel free to play around with these designs, after all, that is the most fun part of creating unique pieces of furniture.

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